Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It's April 16th and it feels as if spring has finally arrived. Spring has historically felt like a time for re-birth, providing us with the opportunity to enter the future with a positive outlook. For most people, the new year is when they create resolutions that they hope to carry throughout the rest of the year, but I find the emergence of springtime to be the season when I feel compelled to find the new me. Perhaps its the birds waking me with a gentle song in the morning, or the fact that I experience the sunrise every morning, but the resurgence of warm weather leaves me feeling positive and assuredly revitalized.

This Spring I am trying to live "cleanly", but what on earth does that mean? For me this means eating food that requires assembly as opposed to food that is immediately edible upon opening a bag or jar. It also means exercising my body the right way, keeping my apartment organized, not overeating. These are all things in my life that I struggle with. I am writing this blog post so everyone that reads it can keep me accountable when I fall off the wagon.

I always seem to lack the willpower to keep going...but I am determined to make these changes in my life once and for all. I have already made exercise a daily part of my life by finding a style of exercise that I enjoy taking part in. I have been attempting the food portion issue but items from both the dangerously sweet and dangerously savory always derail even my most assertive efforts to eat well. There are certain things I have realized that I could never give up and I have decided to eat these things in moderation. When it comes to organization, I have surmised that I pick one room a day that I will focus on keeping clean. My disposition usually leaves me overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning every crevis of the house at one time so I usually do nothing (I understand this logic is flawed, blame the human condition, not me).

I hope these proactive approaches to living life well will keep me assertive, strong, and above all, motivated to reach my goals.

I have been feeling nervous about posting as of late, mostly because blogging is a strange form of communication. I type a whole bunch of things and I don't know what kind of reaction people feel when they read this informal journalistic article. There is always a small voice asking "who cares?" "what could I say?", but in order to get past that, I must keep going.

Therefore, thank you...thank you for helping me reach my goals, supporting the decisions I make, and being a part of my life, past, present, or future. Make this month the beginning of something new. Take the time to make a goal, make a timeline for yourself, and work to reach it. We are capable of so much, and are far stronger than we ever dreamed we could be. Become who you want to be, and start today.

As always

Living upward,